What is a Copy Doctor? Spruce it up, clean it up, make more exciting words

The Copy Doctor takes existing tired and old copy and turns it into exciting words that consumers want to read so they can absorb marketing messages easily and quickly.

I see the way the words are, and imagine how they could be—how they could be better, more concise, easier to read. How can I do that even if a professional writer created your company’s website, speech or news release? Some people practice writing but I practice editing along with working as a PR writer. As far back as my early days in journalism at the City News Bureau of Chicago, where I started a copy boy before becoming a reporter and rewriteman, I’d notice things about others’ writing that I showed to the legendarily curmudgeonly editors. In wire services, reporters sometimes produce 20 or 30 stories in a day, either dictated from the field, rewritten from reporters’ facts or originally composed from one’s own fact gathering. That’s a thorough grounding in compressed language that must be understood easily and fast.  In fact, I am so confident that your written materials can be improved that I am offering a guarantee of satisfaction, or fees are returned. It’s something I love doing and hope you will give me a chance.

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PRWriter, Copy Doctor, Humber College PR and writing Prof

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