PR Writer and Copy Doctor or the reverse?

I just went through a process of developing a new logo and identity. Many of my friends, followers and former students were good enough to comment on it, when it was shared on line. I put it on my website,, and I thought that was that. Then, Stephen Morgan, one of the town’s wisest and most creative marketers, weighed in and said instead of the PR Writer and Copy Doctor, maybe it should be the other way around. That the emphasis should be on the editing/copy improvement part of the consulting should be emphasized. It was a very intriguing thought. One former Humber student, Victoria Ross, said, “We are all PR writers so the Copy Doctor is something different.” For some time, I seriously considered changing it, as Morgan suggested. I then consulted another marketing guru, Michael Marchese of Marchese Design. He and I work together closely on several projects. His advice: stay with PR Writer, it’s been your ID from PR Writer Extraordinaire to now. There is brand equity in it and that is what you are more engaged in. So that’s where I shall stay: PR Writer and Copy Doctor. Still glad, however, to hear additional thoughts.

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