The websites in this portfolio were created with Marchese Design, which conceived the branding and produced the pages. The PR Writer contributed the taglines and copy within the website. The partnership between Marchese and PR Writer has had great longevity and continues to this day.

Nino Ardizzi, the principal of Life by Design, may be like no other wealth planner. His track record is unassailable and starts from the premise that building wealth is about living the life that the client would eventually wish to lead. The website needed to reflect this promise. Our tagline Design Your Life. Dream. Build. Live. reflected that perfectly.
Marchese and PR Writer have been there since inception for this emerging leader in the cannabis industry. This website has had several iterations, most notably before and after it become a public company (TSXV: ALEF). We are very proud of our continuing association with Aleafia and are also involved with a number of other cannabis ventures.
Marlon Brand’s company was leaving mortgage brokering, its main business, and moving into a new exciting phase, becoming a creator of mortgage funds. At the same time, its new website and brand had to be both exciting and reflect traditional financial values, like solidity, responsibility and risk avoidance. We believe it worked very well to achieve those ends.
For this website, we created the copy that described Marchese’s branding numerous leading companies. The various profiles demonstrate the breadth of Marchese’s work, and the marketing solutions provided.
Stonebrooke, a prominent asset management firm, had just taken over another leader in the field, and was ready to expand its business. It called on us to create a new more urbane look, reflecting its larger geographical ambitions.
The Tundra technical website recently underwent a complete copy overhaul, and was the kind of assignment theprwriter.com loves. The copy from an outside supplier was presented for review and edit, and we reduced the total text by 30 per cent and made it much stronger.