Better writing seminars

Are your websites, marketing materials, PowerPoints and news releases past their prime, not conveying a sharp, shining message, adding luster and acceptance to your brand?

And when you ask your staff or agency to make it crackle again, it stays the same. Dull, pondering, not selling anyone anything. No one can deliver the creativity you demand.

To add to this malaise, there is good news to announce but the news releases heralding these developments are as sluggish as the websites and marketing materials.

You think: if only someone could show us how to be better writers and presenters, without sending someone to take course after course, in night schools and continuing education programs. If that person could help the team gain immediate and visible improvements, that would be worth a lot!

Well, maybe that person does exist, and you’ve found him right here. Can calling in the good Copy Doctor to administer some writing shock treatment make the changes you want? Can The PR Writer help? Here are two ways

  1. Corporate Training sessions
    1. In morning or day-long session, The PR Writer will demonstrate his “How to be a better writer—overnight” writing system, often using your own copy to demonstrate how it works. Exercises help cement the lessons, which are both humourous and deadly serious and point out mistakes participants make regularly.
  • Additional modules on storytelling and using PowerPoint more effectively in presentations.
  1. Let the Copy Doctor find a cure for bad writing
    1. Make Doctor your right arm for writing – by project, by the hour, or on call.

Here’s what one very well known organization said about its all day PR Writer seminar:

“Highly satisfied (95%) with the training session and the trainer (98%)

Will use the knowledge…gained

Richard is so knowledgeable and helpful. He is a true expert on the topic of communication.

I really like how he came prepared with our material.

Very professional, good interactivity, applicable skills

Estimated productivity gain: 27% (positive)” – recent evaluations from an all-day corporate training session

To find out more, contact me @rotmanprwriter