The 10 best 2017 writing tips plus the year’s worst sentence—for you!

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Here are the best writing tips from blog

  1. Government of Canada’s – Canada is sufficient and shorter. What is Canada or any country but its government? Use the country name. Don’t say city of Toronto or province of Ontario: Toronto and Ontario.
  2. A new study by Forum Research – “A new Forum Research study.” Get rid of passive voices and sentences improve every time.
  3. Plain packaging for cigarettes – ‘plain cigarette packaging.’ For is often a word that can be expunged, as it was here.
  4. About regulation of controlled substances – ‘about regulating controlled substances.’ When there is an ‘of’ clause, see how you can edit it out.
  5. All 45 industrialised – CP Style prefers “z.” Analyzed, industrialized.
  6. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Scotiabank – Move the bank to the front: Scotiabank SVP and Chief Economist. Even saving one word counts.
  7. Across the country – ‘nationally’ reduces three words to one and can be placed later in the sentence.
  8. The program is inspired by J. Palacio’s worldwide bestselling children’s novel Is inspired by. Normally, I’d say get rid of ‘by,’ too. But making it the novel inspired it, more active, doesn’t work. Sometimes the passive voice must stand.
  9. Each of whom has a remarkable tale about the day they saved their owners’ lives — each having a remarkable tale about saving their owner’s life. Don’t use ‘whom’ wherever possible. Few understand its meaning (an object). It’s become archaic. With they saved vs. saving, gerunds again come to the rescue; use them.
  10. Words to live by from How to be a better writer overnight: Communications writing or media English is different from most other prose — Its basic tenets are simplicity, compression, plain language and rapid comprehension.

Instructive New York Times headline of the year (for use of its and it’s)

On Immigration, Mr. Trump Shows Congress It’s on Its Own

Worst sentence of the year—three passive voices in one sentence


In place since 2014 under the Mettrum brand, the Spectrum has been well received by the medical community and equally adopted by customers who regularly shop by Spectrum. 28 words.

 Of is and by edit

The medical community and regular Spectrum customers have both adopted the system, in place in Canada since 2014 under the Mettrum brand. 22 words


Always make the most important point first. The medical community’s acceptance is what needs to be stressed. In this construction it’s now active: the medical community and regular customers have both adopted the system.

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