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18CRSS_LP_ES_Rear_Motion_Road_Large.jpgOn newswire.ca, a former student working for a law firm wrote the only news release that I found to criticize, and I could not bring myself to embarrass her and myself, for that matter. So in the spirit of new starts, I found a news release that really worked, as an example. The winner is Subaru Canada and in the interest of full disclosure, yours truly worked for the company as an editor of its Six Star owners’ magazine. Owned a red Subaru WRX too, (as did a number of the women I dated before meeting my present and wonderful partner). So here’s a release that works great. PR Writers, read it and enjoy.

Subaru Canada: Best December Ever, 12 Record Months Lead to Banner 2017 Sales and Sixth Consecutive Annual Sales Record

Love the headline-ese! Subaru Canada: Best December Ever. Demonstrates understanding of get-to-the-point headline, with a verb. Note I followed suit in my headline.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Jan. 3, 2018 /CNW/ – Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) rings in a new year delightfully announcing an unprecedented sales streak with 12 consecutive months of ever-increasing results. This past month capped a record-breaking year with 3,876 units retailed, a 4.6 percent increase over the same month last year and best December ever. More importantly, these milestone results culminate in a banner sales year with a grand total of 54,570 vehicles retailed in 2017. This annual sales record surpasses last year’s record of 50,190 units, for a record-breaking 8.7 percent increase in overall sales.

Many releases of course make the fundamental error of saying ‘we are pleased to announce’ but in this, Subaru is proud of something but characterizes the announcement ‘delightfully,’ a great touch, rather than the company’s itself being proud, which of course it is. It’s an excellent move, as is simply the tenor of the entire release, which actually has news to report. Congratulations, Subaru.

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