Stormy Daniels: PR genius at work

Almost as if she is a PR program graduate or agency veteran, Stormy Daniels has applied the most essential PR principles to keep her story alive. Applaud her and her advisors; they know what they are doing. Here are the 10 most important PR basics she’s observing.

  1. Timeliness/Attaching herself to the ongoing story: Stormy made sure she was at the hearing this week, even though it wasn’t about her case particularly. She also released a sketch of the person who threatened her — picking up that thread too and not letting it die by offering a reward to identify the man, who will never be found.
  2. News sense: sits right behind Cohen, her opponent (demonstrates guts, too, which people admire).Unknown-4.jpeg
  3. David and Goliath/conflict: takes on most powerful man in world and his apparently vicious lawyer. Also covered by biggest/smallest.
  4. Man bites dog/rarity/out of the ordinary: A porn star suing a President.
  5. Sex scandal: PR people generally don’t promote sex scandals and certainly her lawyer would say they are advocating for her legal rights but reporters love salaciousness under the guise of…human interest. Stormy’s profession and enhanced appearance certainly aids the titillation factor.
  6. Available to media: does not hide behind lawyer (however well advised she may be).
  7. Consistency: realizes the story has legs and keeps hammering until it’s decided
  8. Impact on many: it involves the ‘leader of the Free World.’
  9.  Prominence: can’t get more famous than Trump as the President.
  10. Proximity: NY and Washington are the only two ‘national’ cities of interest to all of North America.Unknown-3.jpeg

You, too, can be a superstar with these principles — at least in your own way!

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